Unique, handcrafted rocknroloties

Here’s something that most guys would love to own if they could… especially if they’re guitar players. Rock and Rolo Ties… bolo ties made with guitar and amp elements. Who wouldn’t want to wear one of these guitar themed bolo ties made with a knob, guitar picks, cable ends and some beautiful black, braided leather to hold them all together?

Most people think of bolo ties as being Western wear… in other words, those things that cowboys wear. But what a great alternative to a regular tie. Even for time when you wouldn’t even be wearing a regular tie. And these bolos are so cool that women love to wear them as well. As a fashion statement or just for fun.

Popular with musicians

Especially popular with musicians, these bolos are a fun option for anyone. But the vintage style of these knobs would be appreciated by almost any guitar player. You can choose between a Fender skirted knob, which is used on Fender jazz basses and Rickenbacher guitars, a Chicken Head knob, a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Stratocaster knob and more.

Take a look at the products listed here on the site. For more handmade goodies, check out lovefromsantabarbara.com

Wedding? Corporate event? We got you covered

Also, if you are planning for an event, wedding or corporate party, you can order custom gift packages. So enjoy looking around and please drop a line if you have an inquiry about a special order. ‘Cause who couldn’t use a cool Rock and Rolo Tie?